Lingerie Dresses

I love how the sheer “lingerie” dresses come to life with colored petticoats and corset covers…just finished this ensemble cobbled from extant lace pieces and carefully deconstructed vintage cotton cafe curtains. Definitely a labor of love…without the pink silk, it’s just some old cotton frock.  🙂


Juicy Details…

Day Day 10 of #VictorianFebruary is: “Juicy Details” and there’s nothing like a bit of ruffly scandal to raise some eyebrows! The best details are usually hidden during a promenade. 🙂

More Corsetry…

Close up of that incredible silk before it leaves my studio. I found this in a small stall in Montmartre, there’s enough for three more corsets…so don’t wait too long to reserve yours… 🎄

And More Corsetry…

The lustre of silk ribbon is luscious, it also tends to not fray when cut on the bias. Ribbon candy loveliness. One of these could be yours…we have a wide variety of fabrics and colors. For more details, please contact us HERE. ♡


More Corsetry In The Works

Silk warp print from Paris cut for a yummy plus size shape using Atelier Sylphe’s Ref Z and a suite of antique lace and silk ribbon going to her new home for Christmas. 🎄