Back to LA!

Being a full-time Victorian is exhausting, it’s been a few days filled with dress up videos, interviews and stills. Back to LA tomorrow! 😃

New For 2022!

First job finished in 2022, a silk brocade smoking jacket for Adam…perfect gentleman’s wear for the parlor at No.11 in Tombstone. 😁

The fabric is a wonderful silk brocade that we bought on our trip to England last October.

Here’s some more construction pictures:

In Progress

One of our latest projects is a men’s smoking jacket. These were loose-fitting lounge jackets that were intended for wear at home, often while smoking (hence the name). Depending on cut, these were a looser-fitting version of the conventional sack coat (although often they looked more like glorified bathrobes). Below are a few progress pictures:

Sewing in the front pockets:

Finished exterior- front right piece.

Pad-stitching and taping the canvases on the left front piece:

And then the right front piece:

There’s definitely a lot of hand-stitching going on there. Just the pad stitching and taping alone took four days…but the end result will be worth it. Stay tuned for more! 😁

And For Something Different…

Sent the jacket fronts down the hall to Adam so he can pad stitch the lapels as I whip up a pair of stripey pajamas so we can get ready to get out to Tombstone for some old house fun. We have a plan, just have to stitch it to win it!😉