Something For August

Love this old dress, the skirts are currently being refashioned so I have something new for August when we’re in town.


Color Inspiration for No. 11

See that wall color? That’s really close to what No. 11 is going to be, rather soon-ish. It was going to be green, but I have been known to change my mind…

Time To Go

It was a pretty quick three days down here at No. 11 but once again, LA beckons us home. We’ll be back in three weeks or so with another load of furnishings and such and we’ll be doing some more re-arranging. Plans are afoot to move forward on some required renovation and remodeling (the Arizona climate will do that).  Here’s our two canine helpers this weekend…


At No. 11

Every car, trolley or person passing by is fascinating to Angus and Fiona. Is anyone else’s OCD twitching with the crooked right lace panel? I’ll get to it eventually.. promise. After my coffee.



Something From The Gallery- The Lucy Gown

Our Lily Absinthe Gowns & Corsetry “Lucy” gown, in the front parlor bedroom in “The Dressmaker’s Cottage” at #11, Old West Tombstone. We can do something similar for you! 🙂