And More Corset Creations!

For today, Silk brocade on cotton twill S bend style with antique lace, dyed to match silk ribbon, and peach and lilac silk flossing…dreamy. We also construct have a wide variety of chemises, corset covers, and petticoats to coordinate. For more details, please contact us HERE.




In The Works…

Busy building the frilliest of frillies and underpinnings, because plain old cotton just won’t do.

Fresh From No. 11!

Vintage silk brocade corset with antique lace and silk garters, shown on my s-bend dress form in the violet “Ooh La La Parlor” in our Victorian house in Old West Tombstone…we have client fittings at both our LA and AZ studios, so plan a trip to Tombstone and get fitted for your next gown and corset! 🎀

Finishing Touches…

A little hand finishing is on the list for today, I love this antique lace and dyed to match silk ribbon…can’t wait to try this on with the new combinations and pink petticoat! 🙂

And For Something New…

Displayed over a hip pad and an underpetticoat, she now has shape! Now to finish the matching corset cover… 🙂