Historical Undies Sunday

Violet and yellow ruffled petticoats today for #historicalsundayundies…there’s just something about the sound of taffeta that makes me want to twirl. 😉

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Ruffles, Ruffles…

Ruffles, ruffles…inside and out. They make my girly heart beat faster. 🙂



And More Corset Creations!

For today, Silk brocade on cotton twill S bend style with antique lace, dyed to match silk ribbon, and peach and lilac silk flossing…dreamy. We also construct have a wide variety of chemises, corset covers, and petticoats to coordinate. For more details, please contact us HERE.




Confections De Paris…

Now there is no mystery as to what she wears beneath! Silk faille and antique lace we got from one of our dealers in Montmarte on our last trip to Paris, half for a client…half for me. ♡ To a great degree, this was inspired by our visit to the Toulouse Lautrec exhibit at the Grand Palais…once again, art inspires! 🙂