Saturday At The Atelier

Don’t you just love to spend rainy Saturdays doing a little hand sewing? I sure do! ❤️
Big reveal in a few days…check my IG stories for progress!

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Just In At The Atelier

Christmas came early at the Atelier with the arrival of the new and updated edition of “Patterns of Fashion 2” by Janet Arnold. This book has been a staple in period dress for years but the new edition takes it even further with detailed diagrams, color pictures, and an improved layout. If you’re interested in the construction of late 19th Century garments, this is definitely the book to get. It can be ordered HERE.

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A Little Update…

I just finished being a creative cog in a wheel of some truly talented artists and was lucky enough to try something way out of my comfort zone and got to work with some greats. This particular image isn’t from that film, but it shows how texture can be as loud as bright red, and that’s where I started designing it.

Currently I’m the Social Media Slacker, but I’ll share images once they start being posted. Don’t expect girly frills. Just sayin’. 😆

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