Helldorado Diary- Sunday

Helldorado Diary, Sunday. Parade Day and I’m finally going to go to town. The bodice still needs the silk tulle neckline filler and the covered buttons but it looks like I’ll be out on time… 🙂


At last! No dress drama, off to the parade! My usual mirror selfie has great significance because this is the FIRST TIME EVER (since 2003) that I was ready on time to see the Helldorado Parade so that makes this a trophy shot! 🙂


Tombstone’s annual “Homecoming” Old Timey Parade and Festival happens every third Sunday of October. Pioneer Era families return to visit and tourists invade. This is the largest event of the year in this sleepy Old West Paradise.


Shriners on parade in front of the Birdcage Theater

And here’s proof that we had fun and rode a stagecoach in town. Now I know why Victorians had “travelling clothes”. 🙂


All Aboard!

And here’s a good view of me and my new dress:


And finally, the party’s over…I am wearing something far more comfortable than this! 🙂


Helldorado Diary- Friday

Helldorado Diary, Friday…have to finish my bodice, so the terrier peeps got me up early to stare at the walls of last night’s work aftermath. 🙂


The workroom after a long night…


And Mac waking us up…

OK, and for a better look at my new daytime ensemble that’s under construction. I am determined to finish the bodice and wear it in town on Saturday… 🙂


Carefully tipping my corset boning on an Eastlake table leaf…yikes! :/


And the Terrier Peeps in a more “formal” portrait…they pretty much go with us everywhere and are our constant companions. 🙂


A Final Thought…

LA and work is calling. Hugging my No. 11 and planning when we’ll be back. This weekend ended on a strange note, thank you to all who called and messaged. My answer? Home is best. Let the Law work things out. Tombstone started with a gunfight, some things never change.

These are my favorite places at No. 11 to sew, read, and just nest:




A Short Note On Recent Events…

Tombstone’s notoriety began with a gunfight…

As many of you no doubt know, we spend a lot of time at our second residence in Tombstone, Arizona. We love the Old West and its history and its ties to Victorian fashion and culture in general. We also support the City of Tombstone’s efforts at sharing its heritage through its various events and activities to include recreations of gunfights with actors firing blanks at one another in a controlled setting.

Part of the Tombstone mystique is the Gunfight at the OK Corral and it fascinates people to this day. Much ink has been spilled analyzing this gunfight in all its various aspects and everyone has their own pet theory on the whys and wherefores.

Unfortunately, Tombstone’s notoriety continues and not always in a good way. Yesterday there was an incident that occurred during a mock gunfight on Allen Street in which live rounds were fired hitting one person was hit and grazing another. Needless to say, this is not what people have in mind when they come to Tombstone to see a slice of the Old West come alive.

The incident is currently under investigation and there is no doubt that safety policies will be reviewed and changed as necessary. We just want to say that we support the town’s efforts to deal with this issue and we believe that gunfights should continue in the future but with proper safety protocols in place. We believe in Tombstone and we wish the best for getting past this unfortunate incident.

Finally, there have been a lot of rumours flying about the internet in the past 12 hours or so. Below is the official statement from the Tombstone Marshal’s Office:

Tombstone Shooting