A Little More From No. 11…

My choices were: Tea and scandal, or attending the Helldorado parade…you can guess. 🙂

A Quick Turn At No. 11

It’s October and that means Helldorado Days in Tombstone. Although somewhat scaled back because of COVID concerns, it’s still event and draws a lot of visitors, which is a good thing for the town merchants. Although things have been hectic here in LA with an upcoming photoshoot and all, I decided to take some time and head down to No. 11 and get some work done on the house and generally socialize (within limits, of course). Saturday, I decided to head into town briefly and at the same time have an excuse to dress up. 🙂 First we start with the basics…

And  then the  dress:

And Miss Fiona had to supervise as stylist… 😉

Well, off we go to town! 🙂

Helldorado Diary- Day 2

Helldorado Diary, Day Two. Today I decided to stay in and catch up on things around the hour here at No. 11.  But just to let you all know, I was’t a complete hermit-  actually got out and about on Allen Street yesterday! 🙂

The customary “before going out selfie”…

Today we’ll be working on some more publicity pictures….stay tuned for more! 🙂