Works In Progress

It’s been a year and I still haven’t altered this old thing…oh well. Life got busy. I’ll just shelf the bodice and start from scratch. Some day.

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The Gray Dress

Why the grey dress nonsense?

It’s the answer to the: “Why are you always so fancy?” question. 😄

So… I found this simple grey dress from the Museum of Bath website (with sadly, no provenance) and did a little research. A video is upcoming on our YouTube Channel about some fun information we found about “simple” gowns…that really aren’t that simple.

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Back At The Atelier With Our Latest Project

It Needs petticoats and a body, no judging. Faded old embroidered cotton, skirt is completely hand finished because I’m weird and do things the hard way. Snuck in a tiny black silk pleated strip at the hem. I know this project is supposed to be simple…but the chatter in my head is Joan Cusack from “Working Girl” when she says: “it needs some bows or something!”

There will be no bows.

TW- WHY IS IT that the things that appear the simplest are actually the most difficult? This skirt is entirely undersewn, that was an adventure! 😁 😆

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What’s On…

“Gracious, they could be sisters!”

Mine is on the left, the stunner on the right I finished and listed in the Etsy store. Same silks and vintage trim as mine, but the pattern matching, reproduction print and old soft velvet is completely different! This is ready to wear, no waiting…perfect for Old West adventures, just add bustle. Now you can look like the person in the old tintype! 😃

For more about this exciting new dress, please click HERE or at our Etsy store.

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