And Now To Renovate…

These were special custom boots I had made nearly twenty years ago for an event, they’re an amazing copy of a museum pair by Francois Pinet. Sadly, they were trashed in a horrific riding accident I was in and they’ve been sitting in a closet ever since. I would shudder when I touched them, the muscle memory was so strong. I firmly believe that things retain energy (clothing, houses, jewelry, books, etc. ) so it’s time to taken them to my shoe person to restore them and start over…because they’ll look great with the new day dress we’re making!

Footwear For The Season: The American Duchess Camille

My latest obsession to go with all my 1890s suits are the stunning boots from American Duchess: the “Camille”…these are so gorgeous, I plan on wearing them with *gasp* my “modern” outfits! Don’t miss out on these, I wanted the wine velvet, but the black velvet ones are just as beautiful…Lauren and Abby (the designers) are geniuses. Trust me…You Want These Boots!

This is Bonnie Prince Angus and I at our home in Tombstone for the Home Tours, I couldn’t resist showing off my boots to anyone who asked …check out the link, there’s still time to get them for Christmas. <3