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Blue wool from London’s Soho ready to go with my American Duchess blue Londoners…shipping dates were just posted for the pre-sale event! I have plans for a fin de siecle tailored suit (completely opposite from my usual style) once my December orders are finished.


Did any of you take advantage of the pre-sale? I was so excited to see color in the new designs, as much as I like brown…it’s not a shade that flatters me. What colors suit you? Share in the comments!


One thought on “Just In!

  1. Oh that fabric is LOVELY! ♥

    The blue of the shoes would be a good color for me. I tend toward jewel colors: Rich sapphire, black cherry red, deep emerald green, royal amethyst, and navy. Accent colors tend to the cool end of the spectrum (black, white, silver, white gold, grey) but they can go as warm as stone-grey khaki and gold, small amouns of chocolate, burnt sienna brown, and russet–I just need to keep them from my face. The exception is anything that matches my natural hair color (dark dark coffee) will coordinate with my complexion.

    Of late I have been looking at wools and the many patterns and weaves they come in (tweed, houndstooth, check, plaid, stripes) and they’re growing on me. I especially like Merino wool: it’s not heavy but presents a smooth light appearance and is warm.

    I may never actually buy any yardage of these fabrics but I do enjoy looking at them and dreaming of things to make with them. I think I like the designing portion of the endeavor rather than actually buying and sewing. I’m incredibly glad that your blog exists: it just makes me happy seeing everything you’ve made with all the lovely lovely fabric. Thank you so much for this! ♥

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