Looking Back…

I‘ve been going through the photo archive and came across a couple of pictures that were taken of me at an event at Old Tucson Studios. Here I am wearing an early 1880s day dress made of antique (pre-WW1 era)  plum/wine-colored silk matte brocade for the bodice and overskirt, and the skirt is a dyed to match silk faille trimmed with burgundy silk velvet, thrown in the dye batch to coordinate. The chapeau is an original 1880 (and rare) “flowerpot” hat, complete with original milliner’s tag on the inside, the sterling sash pin is from the time period as well.


And in this picture, I’m sneaking out to Chinatown…


Adam and I hamming it up for the camera…


It was cold the day we were there and it even hailed- but all the better excuse to be able to wear my winter clothes. 🙂

Somewhere Close To The Western Front


Ok, maybe I’m reaching here… 🙂 This past weekend was the annual dinner for the Great War Historical Society which was held, appropriately enough, at the 94th Aero Squadron, a WWI/WWII-themed restaurant located in Van Nuys, California. I like this event because it gives me an opportunity to put on my nicer uniform and enjoy a night of socializing away from the muddy battlefield. 🙂


Although my impressions are mostly German and American, other members portrays a number of impressions to include French, Russian, Austro-Hungarian, British, Canadian,  and New Zealand. 🙂

If you want to know more about the living history of the First World War Era, don’t hesitate to contact me.