New Drapes For No. 11

Because nothing says “violet parlor” like old silk pompoms and silk wrapped wooden drops. I may never leave that room once these are hung up!

Going Back To No. 11

Going back after the 4th…yay!

Coming Up At No. 11

Our trip to Tombstone was too short but we made the most of it while we were there and actually managed to take a break from the fast pace of LA- believe it or not, as COVID restrictions lift, things are beginning to pick up again and that means more work for us. 😉 We have some plans for later this year and going into 2022 that will involve Tombstone and the American Southwest and while we’re not quite ready to divulge details, we will say that it will be exciting. 🙂

We deliberately decided to dress more early Edwardian because it’s an era that’s completely overlooked in Tombstone in favor of the 1880s.




What To Wear At No. 11?

It’s 90 degrees today here at Wyatt Earp Days in Tombstone, and we’re walking to town from our house because it’s busy. Eyeroll, I know…but I can’t decide what to wear. 🙂

Stitching Away…

Stitching the pleats closed on the bayleuse…this is a crazy amount of work for something that will probably be held in place with my train hook! Funny.
Onward! 🙂