History Mirror Monday

It’s History Mirror Monday and greetings from the violet parlor in my little Victorian vacation house in Old West Tombstone! Are you planning a trip for one of the events this year? Let me know if you are… 🙂

And Today We’re Gothic…

Today’s theme for #VictorianFebruary is: “Gothic” and the cemetery just outside of Tombstone is Old West Gothic with windy vistas and hosts many important locals, the perfect reason to get out my bog oak jewelry and go for a visit.

A Quick Turn At No. 11- The Parlor Makeover

Old houses=Brrrrr! Lots of changes here at No. 11 and we haven’t left the house since we got here, which is typical. Now that the parlor pelmet is put up, we can finish the soft furnishings for this place. Old houses tend to tell you what “they” want, one can’t force it. Things that are perfect for a snowy climate just aren’t appropriate for the US Southwest…it only took me twenty years to learn that lesson! Next trip…bring a ladder. 🙂

Next trip’s project…the two main room windows. Looking for some vintage olive and blue striped linen to go with the embroidered borders I have, then I can properly hem those antique net curtains so the linen lace shows. Ugh* those victorians are just too complicated!

This morning’s coffee and reading spot. There will be a nap, I’m sure.

That danged pelmet1A pelmet is that covered structure at the top of the window covering up the curtain rod for the curtains. is completely hand finished, mitered, padded and pattern matched. 😳 Never Again! When we bring back a ladder, I can trim off the excess and hand stitch it closed. For now…I am happy.

Their new napping and barking spot. Sorry, neighbors!

Feminine February

Day Six of #VictorianFebruary hosted by @ladyrebeccafashions is: “Feminine”…there’s nothing that describes that to me more than layers of pink, worn inside and out. There’s a perfect shade of pink for everyone, what’s your favorite shade of pink? 🙂

Winter In The West

Day Three of #VictorianFebruary hosted by @ladyrebeccafashions is: “Winter”…well, Los Angeles isn’t that wintry, but when we want “weather”, we go to our house in Tombstone, AZ. Brrrrrrr! Old West Winter fun 🙂

At The Dressmaker’s Cottage at No. 11.

Outside of the Bird Cage Theater.

1890s Cape

At Big Nose Kate’s warming up with an Irish Coffee.

I’m afraid that’s pretty much it in the way of “winter” pictures- we just don’t get much weather weather in Southern California. 🙂