On The Road…


Looking out onto San Francisco Bay from Battery Ledyard.

I will be somewhat out of touch for the next few days- I am heading up north to Angel Island State Park in San Francisco Bay to participate in a weekend event at the site of Ft. McDowell, located on Angel Island. Fort McDowell was active from the mid-19th Century all the way until the end of the Second World War. The event I am attending recreates a slice of Army life in 1917 as the Army was expanding and troops were training prior to be being shipped to France.

Ft. McDowell_East Garrison

East Garrison in 1917.


East Garrison Today. This is where I’ll be.

Angel Island

Angel Island

This is a bit of a break for me but not to worry, I’ll be back in full swing when I return, reporting on all of our fashion doings. Until then, Vaya Con Dios! 🙂

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