Inspiration From Art…

More pictures coming, this dress was inspired by my love of Monet’s water lily paintings. Hand painted and gilded flowers and leaves, dyed to match English net, silk taffeta, and one of my antique suites of bridal lace…the bayleuse ( under petticoat train ruffles) are all in a gorgeous vintage watery satin. A good day.♡

Clockwork Alchemy- The Fashion Show

It’s Tuesday morning and Clockwork Alchemy 2019 is a wrap. Somewhat belated is a brief glimpse of the fashion show itself. Unfortunately, because we were actively working as models, we were unable to obtain any pictures so we’ve had to secure them from other sources. So here’s a brief overview… 🙂

It’s showtime! Yes, it’s on! After a morning or dressing the models, it was finally time to hit the stage, so to say. The set-up was actually a rotating display between a series of stations, an arrangement designed to create a good traffic flow that would avoid bunching up. Since we were directly involved in the proceedings, we were unable to get any pictures so we’re going to have to rely on others… 🙂 Here are just a few:

And finally, here’s a group portrait of all the participants in the fashion (Note: not all of these were our models):

It was a good time and it gave us an opportunity to meet a lot of very talented people and we look forward to doing this in the future.

Clockwork Alchemy, Day 4- Time To Go

Well, it’s been a fun past four days but now it’s time to head south and back to the LA Atelier. It’s a lot of work putting on a fashion show and it couldn’t have been done without the help of a lot of dedicated people and for that we are thankful. Now to start planning for our next adventure… 🙂

Goodbye to Whitechapel…