Morning, Day 3, Clockwork Alchemy

It was a long night for us and now it’s over! 🙂 Besides an afternoon fashion show, we also participated in an evening presentation so once again, the models did a short walk-through between sets at the main Saturday night ball. It was an exhausting day but definitely worth it. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Morning, Clockwork Alchemy Day 2

Day Two begins…As a guest of honor here at Clockwork Alchemy, I get to dress several models for the fashion show tomorrow!! As a special treat, I met with Shurie Southcott of Lady Bird Hatberdashery to coordinate all the hats and headdresses for each suit, and she truly brought her Creative A Game! She and I have collaborated before on successful projects, so today should be a visual treat. *Excited! There will be pictures.