In Progress…

DDay 24 of #VictorianFebruary is: “In Progress”…and this pretty little wool and silk dress is on my work table being photographed and patterned. She’s not haute couture, but her hand sewn details tell stories of a life in which she was well worn. I’ll make a sample soon with the draft, these classic lines are SO 1879-1890. 🙂






More In The Works- Patterns!

She’s so pretty, most likely homemade in 1879-1880. Machine stitched, hand finished with only one soutache side detail…she’s got stories. She’s also the first of our patterns that we’ll be offering soon, more information coming. 🙂



And In The Works- Patterns!

She’s just as pretty coming or going…this pretty little two tone grey silk gown circa 1874-75 is the second one we’ll be patterning for our collection for sale. I love cheeky details, don’t you? 🙂


Winter In The West

Day Three of #VictorianFebruary hosted by @ladyrebeccafashions is: “Winter”…well, Los Angeles isn’t that wintry, but when we want “weather”, we go to our house in Tombstone, AZ. Brrrrrrr! Old West Winter fun 🙂

At The Dressmaker’s Cottage at No. 11.

Outside of the Bird Cage Theater.

1890s Cape

At Big Nose Kate’s warming up with an Irish Coffee.

I’m afraid that’s pretty much it in the way of “winter” pictures- we just don’t get much weather weather in Southern California. 🙂

From The Lily Absinthe Collection

Ruby red cashmere, fur, and lace addition to our museum collection. I confess…I tried her on and twirled!  🙂