And Now For A Little Millinery

This week’s lineup of extant hats, all waiting for repairs and steaming. How many teas and parties have these been worn to before they came to live here? I try to imagine them with each little repair.


What’s On…

Spring is coming and things are beginning to look up a bit here in Southern California, especially on the COVID-19 front, and with it, there’s been an uptick in activity here at the atelier. We’re working up some more dress designs for future sale along with digital pattern development, and curated fabric sales. We’re especially excited about developing digit patterns and they’ll be based on originals in our collection. Finally, there’s Angus’ Attic where we’re selling curated fabrics and other odds bits from out atelier. We’d also like to add that I’m the one choosing the silks, so check them out before I start claiming them for my studio. What’s different about what we’re doing? Unlike other “sellers” on other platforms, we actually purchase the silk ahead of time and it’s here at the house already. You’re also not buying from my personal stash (I’m keeping that!), these are just selections that I think are beautiful.




And For The Bustled Look…

Day 25 of @ladyrebeccafashions #VictorianFebruary is: “I like big b*tts”…and this pretty little extant gown doesn’t disappoint in the rear view! She’s a pretty two toned 1870s day dress that is #2 on my patterning list, so get ready to see lots of interior images and a sample from her pattern draft. 🙂


In Progress…

DDay 24 of #VictorianFebruary is: “In Progress”…and this pretty little wool and silk dress is on my work table being photographed and patterned. She’s not haute couture, but her hand sewn details tell stories of a life in which she was well worn. I’ll make a sample soon with the draft, these classic lines are SO 1879-1890. 🙂






More In The Works- Patterns!

She’s so pretty, most likely homemade in 1879-1880. Machine stitched, hand finished with only one soutache side detail…she’s got stories. She’s also the first of our patterns that we’ll be offering soon, more information coming. 🙂