And It’s Summer!

Temperatures up to 106 F are predicted today here in Woodland Hills…time to get out the sheer floaty layers of Summer!


Finishing Projects

This gown was started a few years ago, but I finished it during Lockdown Summer…I normally don’t directly copy extant gowns, but this one is directly from page 295 of Costume in Detail. Every pleat, ribbon, ruffle, soon became a stack of anxiety and guilt (because it felt like plagiarizing!) so I layered it over a sunny yellow lining. I felt better “making it mine”, do any of you do this?

History Mirror Monday From No. 11

Greetings from the Violet Ooh-La-La Parlor at #11 on this #historymirrormonday! May your day be filled with ruffles and smiles. 🙂


Coming Up At No. 11

Our trip to Tombstone was too short but we made the most of it while we were there and actually managed to take a break from the fast pace of LA- believe it or not, as COVID restrictions lift, things are beginning to pick up again and that means more work for us. 😉 We have some plans for later this year and going into 2022 that will involve Tombstone and the American Southwest and while we’re not quite ready to divulge details, we will say that it will be exciting. 🙂

We deliberately decided to dress more early Edwardian because it’s an era that’s completely overlooked in Tombstone in favor of the 1880s.




Just In From New Zealand

We received this most fascinating book on fashion history in New Zealand. The illustrations are amazing and there’s a lot of things that we’ve never seen before. Looks like some interesting reading ahead of us. 🙂

And if you want a copy, you can order it HERE.