Another New Arrival At Atelier Lily Absinthe!

Just in time for Christmas! We were fortunate to be able to obtain a copy of this fabulous book Textiles for Victorian and Edwardian Clothing: 1880-1920 by Diana L. Fagan Affleck and Karen J. Herbaugh. Originally published in 2004 and long out of print, this book is an excellent introduction to the somewhat bewildering world of late 19th and early 20th Century fabrics. The book itself combines documentation with representative swatches of fabric. Having actual fabric swatches is a major plus in that the reader can now see and feel representative fabric samples and thus be able to gain a better understanding of the actual fabrics that were used. This book is definitely a labor of love and it’s too bad that it’s been out of print for so long- naturally, including the fabric swatches was no doubt a major logistical undertaking. About the closest thing out there today are fabric swatch kits that accompany most textile textbooks. Check it out in our Etsy store: 😁

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