Arriving in the UK…

We have arrived in the UK…and it’s overcast and rainy but we knew that going in… 🙂 Flying in, we passed over London and then did a 180 turn heading into Heathrow from the east. Unlike previous trips, passing through immigration was a breeze since they’re upgraded they’re system to allow people with US passports to pass through automatic gates without having to wait in the main line. After collecting our luggage, it was off to the west on the M4 Motorway (some friends were kind enough to pick us up at the airport). Below is the motorway leading west out of Heathrow Airport…It’s strange looking at everything from the opposite side of the road to which we’re used to.

2 thoughts on “Arriving in the UK…

  1. OH SQUEEEE!!!!

    That’s the Isle of Dogs down there in the forefront, with the old West India Docks (now Canary Wharf) in the middle of it. I *think* I can make out (barely) the Greenwich Royal Observatory grounds in the background.

    Wow, what a view!!!

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