From the Parlor at No. 11

Good morning everyone! We’re recovering from our drive back from Arizona and gradually getting things back to some state of normalcy. 😁 As you probably know by know, we’re in the process of putting together some new looks for 2022 as well as utilizing our Tombstone house as a backdrop for some of what we do. Here’s just a few pictures of this past weekend:

Karin modeling her 1880s tea gown with some assistance from Angus. Karin’s tea gown is based off a pattern that she drafted based off of an original period pattern.

And me, rocking a new smoking jacket that Karin and I made together using a pattern from Black Snail.

And here I am hamming it up for the camera in the parlor… 😁

Finally, the both of us along with Miss Fiona.



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