Heading Out to the Arizona Territory


Enjoying a more quiet moment, drinking tea (or maybe something stronger).

As many of our readers may know, we have a second home in Tombstone, Arizona. With our busy schedule, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to get out to Tombstone but I am happy to say that in a few weeks that will change. 🙂

Yes! Lily Absinthe is going on on the road and heading out to spend some time in the legendary town of Tombstone, home of the famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) gunfight at the OK Corral- or as I like call it, “The gunfight that took place kinda-sorta by the OK Corral and-somewhat-in-the-middle of what is today known as Arizona State Route 80.” 🙂


Somewhere on the trail, between the towns of Tombstone and Elfrida.

Tombstone is a town with a lot of character and while it might have entered the history books in a major way with the activities of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Curly Bill Brocious, the Mclaury Brothers, Johnny Behan, and a host of other characters, the reality is that Tombstone was a mining town, deriving its income from mining activities and that’s what put it on the map.


Mac and I exploring the site of where Gleeson used to be.

But mining itself is pretty mundane when compared to the more colorful secondary industries that sprung up the cater to the miners, or more properly “mine the miners”. Saloons, gambling, theaters, and houses of ill repute, along with various commercial establishments sprung up almost overnight offering a wide variety of goods and services to the miners and like many boom towns in the West, it could be quite lively at times. The legend in the public mind is naturally attracted to these activities, helped along by generations of movies and television shows churned out by Hollywood.

So it’s off to a legendary town for some rest and relaxation but fear not! Lily Absinthe never sleeps and we will be very active, drawing inspiration in our designs from the spirit of the Old West, whether the historical Old West or the Old West in television and film- either way, it’s all good to us!

And yes, I also find going to Tombstone to be very relaxing. :-)

Well, maybe Lily Absinthe never sleeps but occasionally I do…here I am relaxing with the dogs in our Tombstone house. 🙂

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