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Flag of the Faroe Islands

One of the interesting things about having a blog on WordPress is that you can see what parts of the world that your readers are from (or at those who just wander in). While we would expect most of the hits to be from those in the United States, we still get a fair percentage from Great Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, India, and other places. Sometimes the map reads like old British Empire- imagine that. 🙂

But one of the most interesting set of hits comes from the Faroe Islands. Faroe Islands? Yes, the Faroe Islands. 🙂 Most people have probably never heard of them; I’m familiar with them from the Cold War era when it sat right in front of the Greenland Iceland United Kingdom (GIUK) Gap– the only outlet available for any Soviet Naval movement in to the Atlantic. It was anticipated that in event of war, this would be heavily fought over as the Soviet Northern Fleet, based in Kola Peninsula, would seek to break out into the Atlantic and disrupt the NATO supply lines from North America to Europe (The book Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy is set here). OK, enough Cold War history- we’re not quite ready to get into Cold War Era fashions…yet. 🙂


The southernmost island of Suðuroy. Photo by Erik Christensen.

Located north of Scotland, the Faroe Islands lies between the Norwegian Sea and Atlantic, almost equidistant from Iceland and Norway:


Here is a very rough map of the where the Faroe Islands are located.

With the end of the Cold War, things are bit more calm in the region. Today, the Faroe Islands exists as a semi-autonomous part of the Denmark (although that may change in the future- there’s a strong active independence movement).

We are flattered that anyone in such a remote place would be reading our blog and we will continue to provide interesting content in the future. 🙂

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