Our Latest Creation- A Sneak Peek

It’s been a bit hectic here at the Atelier of late but here’s a sneak preview of an 1890s days I’m putting together based on patterns that I drafted from original sources. If all goes right, I’ll be modeling it in Tombstone this weekend. Enjoy! 🙂 We begin first with a little design inspiration:

What really got me going here were the fantastical skirts that were cut in a variety of ways with various decorative and hem treatments. It’s all deceptively simple- just cut panels and sew together, right? Well, no…

The skirt color is a tomato-like shade of red and it pairs very neatly with this pair of American Duchess shoes…I’ve saving those for just the right occasion.  🙂

Miss Fiona approves of the American Duchess/skirt pairing… 🙂

And some views of the bodice and sleeves:

Above is the more-or-less completed bodice. There’s still some things to add but it’s mostly done. Below shows a bit more of the sleeve.

The style design is based on examples from an 1898 copy of The Delineator and in contrast to the earlier leg-of-mutton sleeve style, these are very tailored and controlled. I used a bit of net to add stiffening to the sleeve heard.

That’s all for now but we’ll have more soon including a video. 🙂

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