PDF Downloadable Patterns

Good Morning Patrons! Just a little editorial content today… OK, here’s something that’s been bothering us for awhile: Downloadable PDF format patterns have been touted as the up and coming thing, being more convenient etc.

From a vendor’s perspective, I can’t fault that- no worries about printing up a paper product and deal with all that it entails in selling a physical product. But from a consumer perspective, they’re no real bargain when you figure in what it’s to cost in money and time to print them, usually on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper that you have to tape together. Or…you can pay a print service to print them up on full size paper sheets and then cut them out like a conventional pattern. Either way, you’re paying far more than if it had been a paper pattern to begin with.

And let’s not even start on mistakes that you often find and have to correct- typically the edges don’t line up right or worse, the individual pattern pieces are all off so you have to keep reprinting for each piece, lining up the edges of each (looking at you, Black Snail Patterns!). However, to be fair, they’re not all that way and we’ve used many different vendors with good results but just know what your in for. 😄

What say you?

P.S. We have had particularly good luck with the PDF patterns from Wearing History and we highly recommend them!

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