Cirque Chapeau – March 21 – Save the Date!

Show Banner

On Saturday March 21, Lily Absinthe will be participating in Cirque Chapeau, a Victorian Circus themed event with Hat Fashion Show included! The Amazing Pop Haydn will perform feats of magic and there will be music, hand-crafted beer and wine, exhibitions of daring, and the Oddities Emporium Vendor’s Fair. The show will run from about 5:00 pm through 10 pm at the BAR ONE Beer & Wine Parlor in North Hollywood, CA.

As part of the show, Lily Absinthe will be outfitting several models to show off some of our amazing corsets. Below is just a small preview of what will be showing:


Here are just two of many outfits that will be on display.

Above, on the left, is an outfit styled off of an Edwardian Era entertainer’s dress in satin in our signature absinthe green. On the right is a short corset paired with a short tutu, evocative of an Edwardian Era dancer.

Orange Corset

Close-up view of one of our corsets done in an Tangerine/Orange with accents of gold and copper.


Our corsets will be paired with headpieces from Ladybird’s Hatberdashery.

This is only a small (very small) sample of what we will have on display. Please come join us!

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