Sewing a la mode of the previous millenium

Welcome to my blog and world of “Lily Absinthe”, the name we’ve created for my line of couture clothing and corsetry of the New Belle Epoque. Here in my private studio, I create wearable art that’s inspired by or an exact copy of an extant garment or a painting from the most beautiful time in history. All my designs are taken from patterns from original clothing or sized from antique patterns. In this way, the original lines of the design are preserved more accurately. To wear these clothes is life-changing!

Aside from our museum restoration work that is also done here, I’ve drafted a bespoke line of corsets and gowns to be used for beautiful contemporary occasions, whether it be weddings, film, Victorian balls, red carpet or the boudoir. There is a lifetime collection of original chapeaux, parasols and lace, lovingly restored as needed for your perusal and projects. Our combined extensive library is open for your research upon your visit, and my personal collection of extant garments will inspire you to enjoy the design process as we work to create your vision, from sketch to final wearing.

Tea, books and fabrics…is there anything more fine? Stop by anytime.

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