Fabric Sales Now At Angus’ Attic!

Want to Fabric shop like they do in France? We’re selling silks in “coupons” (short pieces of three or four meters, but we’re selling yards) that are perfect for dress lengths for your next historical dress project! I just got back from downtown LA’s Fabric District…and while most of the racks are full, there are no discount sales at the usual haunts, which is most likely due to the current shipping issues. With that in mind, please take a look at Adam’s offerings on Etsy. They’re chosen by me personally, and it’s obvious that I can’t pass up on a pretty silk so take a chance! Live within twenty miles? I’ll hand deliver. Live in Tombstone? I’ll be coming out the second week of November. We’ll be listing more this week, along with some pretty cottons.

If you need more yardage than what is shown, I can get more at the same listed price. What is shown in our offerings is HERE AT THE HOUSE already, (we’re not ordering it after you pay for it)…so it’s next day shipping! Below are just some of our listings:






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