Hitting The Trail To Paramount Ranch

After enjoying all the excellent food and drink at the wedding yesterday at Heritage Square Museum, I decided that it was time to work off some of that indulgence so I decided to take my horse and head out to Paramount Ranch/Malibu Creek State Park for some extended trail riding. I have a soft spot for Paramount Ranch, Karin and I having worked on a number of productions that were being filmed there over the years.

Waiting for the next scene to be shot. As usual in film, it's hurry up and wait.

Here I am on the set of Just Kill Me.

One of my favorite things to do is to ride through Western Town. If you are familiar with the TV show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, this should look familiar. 🙂 Here are a few shots of me and my horse Max in Western town:




After some lengthy riding up and down several mountainous trails, we arrived in Malibu Creek State Park. Formerly the site of the 20th Century Fox Ranch, many productions were filmed here over the years to include Planet of the Apes and most notably, the MASH TV series. Here’s a few pictures from there:


Me and a friend at the MASH site. The park has restored some of the markers from the show to include this sign post and built a picnic area with cammo netting to create shade.


My horse Max and I taking a break.


And Max… 🙂

Overall, we rode about 9 miles and saw some wonderful scenery. It was a nice opportunity to take a break from work and otherwise simply chill out. 🙂

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