Just off the Line at Lily Absinthe – Plaid Taffeta!

Hot off the line at Lily Absinthe is this plaid taffeta dress in the style of 1876. There is netting behind the puffs between the hip and the knee that serves to hold the skirt out in the style fashionable for the Mid-Bustle Era. The colors utilized are a dark emerald/absinthe green and amber representative of the new aniline dyes that were coming onto the market during the 1870s. Of special note are the various details to include knife-pleating, ruffles, rouches, shirring, overlays, bows, and lace. In short, it includes all the “Karin food groups”. 🙂

Dress6 Dress8

From my perspective as a male, this epitomizes the look of the Mid-Bustle Era where the silhouette became slim and streamlined with a de-emphasis on the bustle but still having abundant hem detail.  The fit came  out perfect and she is going off to her new home. It looks like we have another winner here! 🙂

P.S. We sew everywhere these days- whether it’s a wedding gown in a hotel room the night before the wedding or red-carpet frock for that once-in-a-lifetime moment, we have  you covered! 🙂

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