And For a Change of Pace…

It’s been a busy last few days out here in Tombstone and it’s only now that we can settle back, pour ourselves a drink (maybe even Absinthe!), and just relax. Between finishing orders, installing a new stove, and just keeping up with things, we’re exhausted. But now to have some fun for ourselves…. 🙂

My new linen suit.

My new linen suit.

I am proud to unveil my newest my newest outfit- a sack suit that is appropriate for the 1880s – 1890s and, for a change, civilian. 🙂 Yes, I do wear something other than uniforms! 😉

The sack suit is made from a light mint green linen and lined in a fine cotton shirting. We’re still working out shirt issues so what I am wearing is not the most optimal. To go with it is a brown Homberg hat from River Junction Trading Company.


A more full-length shot of my new suit. The shoes I civilian pattern shoes that I ordered did not arrive on time so I had to substitute a pair of 1892 Pattern Marching Shoes.

The suit is made from the sack suit pattern by Laughing Moon and it only required a little re-adjusting to make it work for me. I definitely look forward to wearing more civilian clothes using this pattern. 🙂

And the best part about this? It’s lightweight and perfect for the Arizona weather and there is no chance of being mistaken for an Earp, Clanton, or McLaury. 😉

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