Lily Absinthe On Set and At The Premiere.

The screening room- I'd love to have this in my house.

The screening room- We’d love to have this in my house.

Last night, the Lily Absinthe team attended a first screening of the film “Kill Me” at Soho House in West Hollywood (located about a block west of the Whiskey a Go Go. Kill Me is a comedy short film about a grandmother who wants to die but can’t find anyone to kill her. Where we got involved was when the film called for some flash back/dream sequences in which the grandmother is robbing a bank with her husband in a pseudo-Old West Town and then driving off in a car.

The getaway car...

The getaway car…

And another one...

And another one…

We worked on this film about three years ago in January, 2012 out at Paramount Ranch and we supplied wardrobe for some of the background talent and worked at background artists (a fancy name for extras). It was a long day of filming starting off with a 5:30 call time on what had to be one of the coldest mornings I’ve ever experienced (and that includes Germany); one wouldn’t expect it for a place located close to ocean by Malibu but the cold was positively damp and bone-chilling. However, the attentive production team soon sent a crew of production assistants down to Starbucks and soon we were warming up with gallons of coffee. 🙂

The day warmed up from there and by noon, it was t-short weather. The shoot itself involved a bank robbery scene in which the bank manager gets shot by the grandmother and falls dead through a plate glass window. The special effects guy only had three special breakaway windows (they use sugar glass which breaks easily and presents minimal hazard to the stunt person/actor).

Waiting for the next scene to be shot. As usual in film, it's hurry up and wait.

Here I am waiting for the next scene to be shot. As usual in film, it’s hurry up and wait.

My moment of fame arrived when I was filmed running from the gunfire. I have to say that running down a wooden boardwalk in leather smooth-soled boots is not as easy as it looks and in fact, at one point I nearly tripped and fell off of the boardwalk just off-camera (the boardwalk was elevated so it would have been about three foot drop). Well, I survived but it was a challenge.

When I wasn’t risking my life running down a boardwalk, a sound man was recording me walking back and forth on another boardwalk. In later scenes, I was filmed as a towns person hanging out, sitting on a rocking chair by the bank that was going to get robbed.

In the meantime, Karin was working with some of the talent, dressing them in various items from our wardrobe collection, as pictured below:

Kill Me3And we saved the best for last, here is me at the premiere screening. Don’t I look Hollywood? 🙂

Hanging out in the screening room, enjoying some wine. Now, this is the way to end a project!

Overall, it was a fun day and a chance for us to get out of the studio and out in the field. Be on the lookout for us in more film projects in the future!

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