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Angel Island 4

It’s just about that time again when I make my yearly pilgrimage to Angel Island in San Francisco Bay- I’d go more often but distance and other commitments conspire to prevent more frequent visits. 🙂 This year I, along with members of Co. G, 364 Infantry (a WWI living history group) will be garrisoning Camp Reynolds.

Camp Reynolds today- various structures present during the period 1863 through 1910 have been restored or reconstructed. We will be staying in the restored Quartermaster Storehouse which is the brick building in the foreground:

Pictures From Florida, March 2008

A photo of Camp Reynolds Parade Field on Angel Island. The right side of the parade field was the location of the enlisted men’s barracks. The brick building was a warehouse adjacent to the now gone dock. Picture taken from Sausalito.

And here are a few various of Camp Reynolds from the past:


Camp Reynolds c. 1890s


Another View Of Camp Reynolds, c. 1890s or 1900s.

Camp Reynolds was first established in 1863 in response to the threat of Confederate raiders during the Civil War. Subsequently, infantry barracks were built in 1864 and 1874 along with officer’s quarters and other relevant structures. During the period from 1863 through the early 1900s, Camp Reynolds was used as an infantry depot and served at part of the coastal defense system in San Francisco Bay. During and after the Spanish-American War, a camp for soldiers returning from the Philippines and Hawaii was constructed as a recuperation center (and to keep the jaded veterans away from the new recruits and other soldiers shipping out to the Philippines 🙂 ).

Camp Reyonolds_Aerial_1926

Camp Reynolds, c. 1926

We will be participating in a living history timeline event and we’ll be representing the WWI era. Stay tuned for more… 🙂

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