Thinking Positive…

It’s been a busy August between renovating No. 11 in Tombstone, sorting out three households’ worth of goods (some which have been in storage for nearly four years), and working on new commissions but we’ve gotten it all under control and we’re looking forward to returning to the UK, and hopefully London, in October, assuming that the COVID situation doesn’t take a turn for the worse. Of course, on our return to London, we’re going to be hitting our usual haunts and maybe some new ones…

Some tentative stops on our fabric safari are:

  • MacCulloch & Wallis, Ltd.– This one has admittedly mixed reviews and is priced a bit on the high side but you never know until you look.
  • The Berwick Street Cloth Shop– The reviews are better here and it’s a short walk away from MacCulloch & Wallis so we might as check this one out too.
  •  The Silk Society– The name says it all…we’re always on the lookout for the unique and different and especially when it comes to silk. 🙂
  • Kleins– Looks more of a generalist establishment but it may be worth hitting just because.

I’m sure there’s a lot more out there and I realize that the pricing is on the high side but we’ve always had the philosophy that if we come across the right piece for our clients, we’re willing to pay a little more. So with that said, it’s really more about the search and if we walk away empty-handed, that’s OK too.  So here’s hoping! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thinking Positive…

  1. Perhaps if you are interested in seeing something a little off the beaten track, might you give Crescent Trading a try? They are located in Spitalfields, in the East End. They’re a long established business and cater to everyone, from college students working on a project to professional theater costumers.

    Their address is: 41 Quaker St, London E1 6SN, United Kingdom

    I found out about them from a lovely blog, Spitalfields Life, and the most recent post about Crescent Trading can be read here:

    There was another post about a ribbon and trimmings merchant that I can’t quite put my finger on ….oh, wait! London Trimmings.

    Read about them here:
    Their website is here:

    I hope you find these shops an enjoyable and productive find. ^_^ If I were able to go to London, I would head right over myself, fabric fiend that I am!

    • Sounds interesting. The last few times we were there, we spent most of our time on Goldhawk Road but we’re always open to new places. 🙂

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