Cycling – Old School Style


What else would you expect us to wear with our reproduction Victorian “Safety Bicycles”? 🙂 Check out those huge wheels, they’re harder to use than they look. Oh, and lest we forget, we even wound up riding for three miles through a hail storm. Definitely “Old School”.

One thought on “Cycling – Old School Style

  1. Cycling on our antique cycles has been our passion for the last forty eight years .I collect antique clothing and hubby the antique cycles.I do have some original cycling and sportswear and they form an important part of the collection..(I wear reproduction for riding).I usually ride my 1903 Ladies Royal Triumph bicycle or solid tyred 1887 Rudge no 2 Tricycle .I haven t found either to be heavy but would say that would probably depend on the make.I,ve worn skirts and Rational clothing on my bikes ,both fine but as I,ve got older the Rationals seem a bit safer if not so elegant.The one constant over the years has been the pleasure the sight of a man on a penny farthing brings to young and old.It leaves people grinning.Your LA Tweed ride looked to be full of the same happy people.Keep cycling.!

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