Lily Absinthe Goes Old West in Banning

Banning Stagecoach Days 2014

Karin and I along with the other judges. There was a wide variety of costumes modeled which was nice to see to include a Chinese washerwoman.

We have always had a love of the American West of the 19th Century in both the historical and film versions and often our projects reflects this. Also, we have had occasion to become involved in Western film projects and events. One such event was Banning Stagecoach Days in Banning California where we were invited by the Border Renegades to help judge a costume contest last September. It was a fun event marked by a completely freak hailstorm that came seemingly out of nowhere, forcing us to conduct the costume competition in a large tent, as illustrated below: 🙂

The event is scheduled for September 11-13, 2015 and for more information about the event, check HERE.

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