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In this post, we focus more on the men’s side of things during our stay in the Quantock Hills in West England. Men’s wear of the late 19th Century is a continual area of interest for us and judging from our blog stats, it also appears to also be of interest to our readers so in today’s post we’ll focus here a bit (sorry ladies!).

In the main hall…

The sack suit was in many ways the “default” outfit for men to wear when they weren’t engaged in some sort of specialized activity. In the above picture I am wearing a sack suit typical of the 1880s and 90s. Here’s some more views:

Strolling about the grounds with Karin.

Next, for a hike that I went on, I switched out the trousers for more sturdy breeches, ankle boots, and leather leggings. Although the breeches were originally intended for riding, they also work well as part of an outdoor outfit.

Adam in the moors in the Quantock Hills. © Time-Light Photographic

And another one in the Quantock Hills. © Time-Light Photographic

For the sharp-eyed amongst you,  you’ll notice that I am not wearing a collar or tie- that was deliberate since I was looking a long hike and the collar tends to become tight on my neck after time so I opted for comfort. 😄 Here’s a few more from the hike:

© Time-Light Photographic

© Time-Light Photographic

The view was marvelous and the weather was perfect. The only other thing I wished I had been able to do here was to go on a long trail ride by horse- that would have really been fun. Oh well, maybe next time… 😎

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