Summer Is Here!

Summer is officially here in all its glory and with it comes warmer weather, lots of sun and an explosion of color to provide fashion inspiration.  One of our starting places for inspiration is artwork such as with Tissot’s work “Summer”…

James Tissot, “Summer” (Portrait), 1876

For us, nothing says summer like dresses created from silk, linen, cotton, and the occasional tropical weight wool and with those, we’ve created a wide variety of designs that are perfectly suitable for warmer weather. Living in Southern California has made us very aware of the need to balance historical fashion with comfort and we believe that we’ve succeeded in this. Below are just a few examples of our work over the years:

Parasols are a natural accompaniment to any dress and we’re proud to announce that we also are recovering original parasols with appropriate fabrics in harmonizing colors:

The above is just a small example of our capabilities and we look forward to creating a dress for you.





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