And Now For Another Cape…

Today, we have another interesting cape for your viewing pleasure. This particular cape was made circa 1893-1895 and definitely epitomizes high ’90s style:

Cape Jacket, c. 1893 – 1895; Victoria & Albert Museum (T.11-1932)

And let’s take a look at a few close-ups of the rear:

Close-up of the decorative trim pattern.

This cape is an interesting style with plain cape of red velvet combined with a decorated smaller over-cape and collar consisting of panels of black beaded lace applique. The same appliques also run along with hem of the cape and finished off with a red silk ribbon running down the front. It’s an interesting combination. Interestingly enough, this cape was made in India by a one “Mrs. Ball of Umballa & Kasauli,” no doubt a concern that catered to the European trade in the British India of the time. We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at this example of 1890s cape style and we look forward to finding more examples to post here.

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