Direct From Tombstone….


Mac and I preparing to go on a walk.

Labor Day weekend in Tombstone is always busy with visitors descending from all corners of the map and more so because of the Showdown in Tombstone event.  Of course this event is just too big to miss and Lily Absinthe was out. viewing the sights, meeting old friends, and making a few new friends.


Taking a break at Wyatt Earp’s Coffee Shop.

The weather in Tombstone was extremely cooperative today, cooler than usual. No doubt the temperature was cooled down by the continuous rain the day before. In fact, the weather was so pleasant that we stayed in town for a lot longer than we had planned on.


Mac and I after returning. Mac is owning his house.


And a picture of Karin before leaving the house; and of course, the dress is of a late 1870s style.

Unfortunately, we arrived in town later than what we had planned on so we missed most of the Steampunk Costume Parade. However, from what little we saw, there were some very creative costumes which people put a lot of time in making. While Tombstone may seem to be a bit improbable as a backdrop for steampunk, bear in mind that one of the first television shows to combine elements of the western and the fantastical nature of steampunk was the Wild Wild West on the 1960s. 🙂


We then decided to make our usual stop at the OK Corral for some pictures. On this trip we only took some interior shots at the restored C.S. Fly Photography Gallery. Here are a few shots of us:





By this time it was getting late in the day so we decided to take a break, eating ice cream and people watching at Wyatt Earp’s Coffee House before catching a 6 pm show at Helldorado Town featuring the premiere of the group Western Icon Productions.


Overall it was a relaxing day and a bit of a vacation for the both of us. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

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