Gaslight Gathering – Our Impressions

This weekend, we attended the Gaslight Gathering 5 event at the Town & Country Hotel in San Diego. Originally, we were going to be spending the entire weekend there as vendors but due to a backlog of projects, we were forced to scale back our involvement to only one day- Saturday, September 20.


Karin after applying some final touches…

We arrived about 1:30 pm or so after an uneventful drive south (this time we went by the I-15 and missed the ever-present traffic jams of the I-5). Registration check-in was painless and soon we were taking in the sights and sounds of the convention. Because of the hotel’s somewhat chaotic layout, it’s hard to get an idea of the scope of the convention but from what we could tell, it was fairly well-attended in spite of the unseasonably hot and humid weather.


Here we are getting in synch with the tropical vibe…

We made our way to the dealer room, checking in with our compadre Shurie Southcott of Lady B Hats and meeting up with old friends while basking in the wonderful air conditioning). While in the dealer room, we observed a number of interesting unique costumes to include this gentleman:


An icon come to life… 🙂

Later, we gave our “Victorian Bijoux” presentation which was very well-attended (in spite of the small room we had been assigned and poor air conditioning). We brought a number of items to show. We hope that it was informative and that everyone walked away with at least one piece of information that they could use. We especially enjoyed the question and answer period afterwards and we could have gone on a lot longer but we had to vacate the room for the next presentation.

Overall, we spent a pleasant day at Gaslight Gathering and while the weather presented some challenges, we managed to work around them. We look forward to attending in the future.

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