Goodbye 2016…


For us here at Lily Absinthe, the year 2016 has been a good one. While the pace has been a bit hectic at times and there were moments in which we were questioning our sanity, it’s all worked out for the best and we have made great strides in growing our business. On a personal level, we have undertaken a number of projects that have not only helped to further develop our technical skills, but have also given us a deep sense of personal fulfillment. While it seems that we’re confronted with bad news in the world on almost a daily basis, we find it even more important to focus on those things that count the most- friends and family and improving the quality of our immediate surroundings. In the end, we strive add some beauty to the world and in doing do, perhaps make a humble contribution to making the world a better place.


And yes, I don’t always dress up in historical styles…here’s just me. 

So, here’s to a productive 2017!   🙂

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