In The UK- Part 4

GoldHawk Road1

Today’s adventure involved another fabric safari, this time to Goldhawk Road in the west of London. Like Soho, Goldhawk Road is known for having a high concentration of fabric stores although more moderately priced that then ones found in Soho. We really didn’t have specific locations in mind, rather we were just going to explore and see what popped up. 🙂 softer a short bus ride and walk past Shepherd’s Bush, we were finally ready to dig in. One note before beginning: if you want to shop here, it’s highly recommended that you take a sum of cash- many places only take cash and even if they take cards, you can usually get a better deal paying cash.

The first place we stopped at was Misan West which offers a wide variety of silks and cotton prints. The variety was a bit overwhelming and there was a lot to choose from…here’s just one that we found there, a blue/lavender cotton brocade:

Goldhawk Road London

There’s definitely a dress in there…. 🙂

After all the fabric buying, we were definitely in the mood for a break so we repaired to the local Brewdog Pub for a late lunch:

Image result for brewdog pub shepherds bush

Image result for brewdog pub shepherds bush

All and all, it was a productive day and we picked up some amazing fabrics that will hopefully soon be turned into the beautiful items. 🙂

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