A Little Fall Style…

Living in Southern California, the changing of the seasons is not always obvious and sometimes, it seems that the only sign is the change in the time when the sun rises. However, we’re not completely immune to Fall’s influence… in the course of researching another topic, we came across a series of dresses in shades of plum, violet, and lavender as suggested in this palette:



And here’s the dress- a day dress from circa 1893:

Day Dress c. 1893

Bourdereau Veron & Cie, Place de la Bourse, Paris, Day Dress, c. 1893; Kent State University Museum (1983.1.207 ab)

Day Dress c. 1893

Rear View

Although lighting and computer monitors can influence colors, it’s still evident that the bodice and over-skirt are constructed of a lighter shade of a rose color while the underskirt and bodice front are more of a burgundy/brown. Also, the use of black beading on the front also further darken the dress front.

Day Dress c. 1893

Side Profile

Day Dress c. 1893

Close-up of front bodice (not sure why it was cropped this way).

Day Dress c. 1893

Close-up of bodice back.

The bodice back shows off interesting floral pattern that’s on the bodice back, sleeves, and over-skirt; note how it’s been precisely pieced together on the center back so that the pattern is uninterrupted. That’s our take for now on Fall colors for 2018 but we’ll be back with more in the future. 🙂


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