It Never Snows In Tombstone…

Official seal of Tombstone

When people think of Tombstone, Arizona they tend to envision it as a hot, sweaty desert town whose only claim to fame is that it was host to a 30 second gunfight. Nothing could be further from the truth (well, except for the gunfight part)…

Actually, because of its elevation at 4500 feet, Tombstone escapes most of the searing summer heat that makes Tucson and Phoenix veritable ovens with temperatures often getting over 100℉- in contrast, Tombstone usually stays in the mid 90s. More importantly, the Arizona Monsoon Season brings rain on almost a daily basis to Southeastern Arizona and the desert vegetation is almost all green (also, believe it or not, Tombstone has an extensive water table and it was flooding in the mines that ultimately led to the downfall of mining industry there).

And finally, it actually SNOWS in Tombstone- yes, you heard it, snows! Now granted, it’s not usually much but it does and every year when we go out for New Years, we always hope for a white New Year’s but are usually disappointed. This year, we missed it by three days:



Also, just for a little trivia, for the past two Helldorado Days events (held in mid-October each year) it’s actually hailed…and on the day of that famous gunfight at the OK Corral (October 26, 1881), there were actually snow flurries…go figure!

Anyway, there you have it- to a white New Year’s Day!  🙂

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