The 11th Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design Exhibition At FIDM

Yesterday, we decided to take a small break and head down to Downtown Los Angeles to check out the 11th Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design Exhibition at FIDM. This is a display of costumes from various Emmy-nominated television shows and serves as the television counterpart to the Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibitions. Now we fully admit that we tend to be somewhat subjective about what catches our eye and most of the shows that featured are ones that we have not seen so with that in mind, let’s proceed…

From a 19th Century standpoint- sort of- the first stand-out were two outfits from the HBO series Westworld:

The first is worn by one of the principle characters, Maeve:


And here it is on the show:

Image result

The outfit is also seen with a full skirt:

Image result for westworld maeve

And just because, here’s a close up of the fabrics from the FIDM Museum Blog:

And then there’s Maeve’s companion Clementine:


Image result for westworld maeve

Moving on, here’s an assortment of pictures from a variety of shows…

Now for something different, here’s one of Queen Elizabeth’s gowns from the Netflix series The Crown:


And “live”…

Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and Philip (Matt Smith) smile for a paparazzi moment. Photo: Netflix

I’ll admit, the reasons I was drawn to this one was because of the color combination of a dark celadon/gray combined with taupe bodice and overskirt. Very simple, yet elegant, and it’s a color combination that may make an appearance in one of our designs. 🙂

Now for something different, here are two costumes from the Amazon series The Collection:


And a close-up, courtesy of the FIDM Museum Blog:


What is especially striking is the coordinated arrangement of the various striped fabric pieces combined with the use of lavender- it’s very striking and overall dress silhouette gives a “New Look” feel (well, the show IS about a Paris fashion house in the Postwar years… 🙂 ). Now for something a bit more dramatic:


And here’s a picture of the dress “live”:

The Collection (2016)

We really need to watch the show… 🙂

Well, that’s a brief look of what we saw at the FIDM Museum and as usual, we were not disappointed and it definitely held our attention. From a period (i.e. 19th Century) perspective, there was little that grabbed our attention but we take  our inspiration from all periods (especially 1946-60 recently) and don’t be surprised if some of that appears in our designs. That’s all for now! 🙂

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