And Just In Time For The Holidays From Maison Worth

Maison Worth was famous for its ability to constantly produce amazing designs and that was especially true when it came to evening dresses.1In referring to Worth, we tend to use the term “Maison Worth” to denote the business after his passing in 1893. Below is an elegant evening dress from circa 1898-1900:

Worth, Evening Dress, c. 1898-1900; Metropolitan Museum of Art (976.258.4a, b)

The dress is constructed from what appears to be a black silk velvet burn-out floral design, no doubt created through the Devoré process, and lining the neckline is a wide ivory lace strip. Below is a close-up of the front bodice:

Below is a side profile that shows the floral design nicely:

Here’s the rear of the dress which is also trimmed with same lace as the front:

We just envision this as the perfect dress for those winter gatherings… 🙂

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