In Progress For Spring…

Hello Spring 1880s! Spring is upon us and we’re seeing Aesthetic Era with chartreuse and gold: 🙂

Karin_Spring 1880s_1

This early 1880s design is based on a color palette of light green/chartreuse with a hint of gold and is built from various vintage fabrics that we have acquired over the years. To create an even more complete “look”, we’re also making the trim itself to include the pleating and fringing- no “store bought” trim here!


Two rolls of silk dupioni and three of silk taffeta, both narrow hemmed and pleated, and five meters each. Now, on to make the piping, so I can make the trim. The “guts” come first…then the “frosting”, my favorite!


Vintage Aesthetic era printed silk, pin-pulled silk fringe, silk taffeta and chiffon…inspired by my garden, too pretty to pass up. <3


And fifty yards of silk taffeta piping and voila!



The skirt taking form…

This dress promises to be one our most exciting designs and it completely captures the essence of spring. 🙂

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