Pleats Away…


Pleating is an art for all it’s own and our Lily Absinthe gowns are famous for them. Did you know that each kind of pleat has it’s own construction process? this is from a gown from late 2014 that I made showing lined origami folds, next to pipe-style box pleats, topped with basic narrow edged knife pleating. How is this done? Hint* They’re all hand-sewn (invisibly) from behind!

Sometimes the hard way is the best reward. <3

3 thoughts on “Pleats Away…

  1. Gorgeous, I’m very into pleated trims at the moment as I work my way through my steampunk SWAP [Sewing With A Plan, 2016]. Lots of hand sewing, lots of fiddling about, but it’s paying off!

    • Thank you! I’ve always been a fan of doing things “the hard way”…which (for me) generally means “the right way”. Glad to see you’re embracing handwork, nothing will ever replace that!!

      • I’ve never minded hand sewing, preferring handsewn hems and zips whenever feasible. I did a lot more hand sewing when I upped the ante to make my daughter’s wedding dress, and in the following year, my own and my wife’s. Lace appliques, beading, hand sewn chiffon hems etc etc. Hard labour, but so worth it!

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