Tombstone- It’s That Time Again…

Tombstone House_Snow1

Well, it’s getting down to that time again when we make our end of the year pilgrimage to our Tombstone house. Thankfully, this year we do not have any last-minute orders to distract us so we can actually pause and take some time to relax. 🙂

For us here at Lily Absinthe, Tombstone  is not only a vacation, but it also allows us to recharge our creativity and it’s here that many of our ideas have their start. For 2016, we plan on continuing along the same path we have been following for 2015 only with more of everything- more new and different designs and in a greater variety. It’s exciting just thinking about it.

While we’re in Tombstone, we hope to get some more pictures of ourselves against the historical backdrop of the town and when we do, we’ll be posting them here. We’ll have more for you soon so stay tuned… 🙂

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